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User Agreement
The "Mathematics and Games" site consists of two parts - "Mathematics" and "Games".
The user can have an unlimited access to all the programs in "Games" section and "Mathematics" section available for use.

2. General usage rules
The management doesn't carry any responsibility for any interruptions in the site work which may occur for any reason.
The management can't guarantee uninterrupted,reliable and constant use of the site.
The management has the right to make changes to this agreement without user notifications.
All the information, programs, voices, graphics, design and animation elements are the sole property of the site owners. You are obligated to keep all the copyright and intellectual propertylaws, rules and regulations.
"Mathematics and Games" site may contain links from other sites. We are not responsible for the availability, content or anything resulting from their usage.
The management reserves the right to remove all the posts in the "Opinion" section that will be in violation of other users' or management's rights. It is prohibited to advertise, sell or solicit any products in the "Opinion" section.
Some of the tasks and exercises at this site are from different books and sources. In many cases it is impossible to determine the authors of the math tasks. If the user has any claims regarding use of such materials they must contact the management with their proof of copyright.
For your questions and suggestions please contact us at:
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