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For children and adults
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for children and adults

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Math Coloring Activities for First Grade Children

  The solving of coloring puzzles develops the child’s visual/shape perception and contributes to the child’s development through the playing games.
  The assignments are presented in form of game and involve different complexity levels to extend knowledge level of 1st grade pupils.

Geometric shape coloring

  «Geometric shape coloring» activity is assigned to develop in children the conception of geometric shapes and spatial superposition of this shapes.

   The mathematical coloring rule is as follow: it is necessary to recognize and sequentially color the geometric shapes and the background.
  The «Geometric shape coloring for first grade» for preschool children application contains 20 different exercises, both simple and complex.

«Coloring based on pattern»

  «Coloring based on patterns» involves three activities: Coloring Based on Shape, Coloring Based on Mirror Image and Coloring from Memory.

  The first activity, «Coloring Based on Shape for first grade pupils», offers 2 images: a colored pattern and the corresponding grayscale pattern to be colored similarly to the colored one. 10 colors are suggested for coloring.

  The second activity, Coloring Based on Mirror Image,proposes 2 images: a colored original pattern and the grayscale mirror pattern of the original.

  The third activity, Coloring from Memory, , shows the original pattern for 10 seconds then this image disappears. It is necessary to memorize the color palette and to color the appeared grayscale version of the same pattern.

  The colorful pictures and bright colors makes the activity entertaining and interesting.

Mathematical coloring activity regular use develops in children the attentiveness, memorizing and concentrating skills.


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