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For children and adults
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison
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for children and adults

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Addition and Subtraction up to 20

  Mathematics play an important role in developing intellectual facilities of primary school age children. It is a great base to improve the thinking skills in junior pupils.
  The math activities, especially online interactive applications in a form of game are one of most efficient learning methods to teach a first grade pupil. The math exercises contribute to good progress of primary school pupils.

Mathematical «Blackboard»

   «Blackboard» contains exercises focused on teaching primary school children the math operations of addition and subtraction up to 20.
The goal of the activity is the training of adding/subtracting skills using a habit to present a 2-digit number as a sum of digit position terms.

  The math exercises are divided by 6 levels of complexity.

  • It is recommended to start with the simplest first level representing the exercises on addition/subtraction with the numbers up to 10 but no carrying to next column. The child has to find out the sum or the difference.
  • The second level assumes the calculation of an unknown value (numbers up to 10 are involved) presented as an empty square. Some exercises require to set a “plus” or “minus” sign.
  • The third level contains exercises with the numbers up to 20 but no carrying to next column. The child has to find out the sum or the difference.
  • The forth level involves the exercises to calculate unknown values (numbers up to 20 are involved) presented as empty squares.
  • The fifth level assumes more difficult exercises. The child is suggested to perform addition/subtraction operations with 3 numbers and find out the sum/difference.
  • The sixth level is of highest complexity. One of 3 numbers involved in the math expression is unknown and represented with a square.

  Independent training through the math applications helps primary school pupils to strengthen the habits of adding/subtracting with the numbers up to 20.

«Numerical crossword» for primary school pupils

  The «Numerical crossword» is a puzzle with numbers.   The checkered field represents math expressions of addition and subtraction with numbers up to 20. The child has to insert the values that are true for two intersecting expressions.

  The numbers can be dragged and dropped from a twisting drum.
  The puzzle 10 exercises of different complexity.

  The regular trainings will result in proper knowledge acquisition.


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