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For children and adults
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for children and adults

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Math Coloring Activities for Preschool Children

  The solving of coloring puzzles develops the visual/shape perception and cognitive interest in preschool children. The colorful pallet and handy brush makes the learning easy and pleasant. Math Coloring Activities prepare children to school, developing their concentration and memorizing skills and visual perception.

Geometric shape coloring

  «Geometric shape coloring» activity introduces simple geometric shapes such as triangle, square, rectangle, circle and oval.

   The activity teaches kids to recognize the shapes and define the orientation of a geometric in relation to another one. The activity assumes the sequential coloring of geometrics.
  «Geometric shape coloring» for preschool children have 20 different coloring patterns -from simplest to most complex.

«Coloring based on pattern»

  «Coloring based on patterns» involves three activities: Coloring Based on Shape, Coloring Based on Mirror Image and Coloring from Memory.

  The first activity, «Coloring Based on Shape» for preschool children, offers 2 images: a colored pattern and the corresponding grayscale pattern to be colored similarly to the colored one.

  The activity develops in preschool kids the ability to concentrate.

  The second activity, Coloring Based on Mirror Image, also proposes 2 images: a colored original pattern and the grayscale mirror pattern of the original.

  This activity contributes to the development of concentration and visual perception of kids.

  The third activity, Coloring from Memory, shows the original pattern for 10 seconds and replaces the disappeared image with the corresponding grayscale pattern.

  The kid has to watch the original attentively to memorize the colors, then to color the grayscale pattern. Use the “Peep” button to call the original image for additional 10 seconds. Running this multiple times will promote the development of kids’ memory.


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