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For children and adults
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison
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for children and adults

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Comparison of numbers up to 10

  The comparison exercises exercises are very important to develop elementary math conception in preschool children. Besides the basic arithmetical signs preschool children learn to deal with comparison signs - is greater than, is less than and equality.

Mathematical «Blackboard»

   «Blackboard» is intended for preschool children to develop skills of comparison, solving simple expressions consisting of two-three numbers, then comparing the resulting answers. The exercises are grouped by 6 levels of complexity.

  • First level assumes the comparison of numbers up to 10.
  • The second level contains exercises to solve a math expression of two numbers and comparison of the result with another given number.
  • The third level assumes the solving of two expressions with subsequent comparison of results.
  • At fourth level, an expression of three numbers has to be solved and the result has to be compared with another given number.
  • Fifth level assumes the solving of two math expressions – with three and two numbers respectively, with subsequent comparison of the results.
  • The sixth level is of highest complexity. Two expressions with three numbers have to be solved and the results have to be compared.

  It is recommended to start on the first level. The right pane will reflect the number of true and false answers. Once a level is passed successfully the child will strive to go ahead.
  Only regular training develops the comparison skills.
  Mathematical “Blackboard” successfully develops the verbal counting and memorizing skills in preschool children. Playing the game they have to learn how to solve expressions, memorize the resulting answers and compare them.

  The animation elements make the learning fun and entertaining.


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for children and adults

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