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For children and adults
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, comparison
Training of oral accounts

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for children and adults

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Addition and Subtraction up to 10

  Interactive applications improve the preschoolers’ skill to add/subtract up to 10 that gets children ready for school.
  The online exercises are presented in a form of games to learn easily the counting and to make the learning pleasant and fun.

Mathematical «Blackboard»

   «Blackboard» presents exercises to teach preschoolers the basic math operations – addition and subtraction up to 10.

  The virtual classroom with a blackboard, a chalk and a sponge makes the learning playful and funny.
  All exercises are divided by 6 levels.
  Each level contains 20 different variants. The complexity is growing from lowest to highest level. The application allows to return and repeat and assignment if at any level the child has learnt incompletely. The regular repetition of math exercises develops the verbal counting skills.

  • At first simplest level, the children will learn how to add/subtract up to 5.
  • The second level presents elementary math expressions with numbers up to 5 and unknown elements denoted by small squares.
  • The third level contains exercises with numbers up to 10 to count the sums and difference.
  • At fourth level, the exercises with numbers up to 10 involve small squares denoting an unknown term or unknown minuend/subtrahend for addition and subtraction respectively.
  • Fifth level assumes more difficult exercises. The child is learning to add/subtract three numbers.
  • The sixth level is of highest complexity. One of 3 numbers involved in the math expression is unknown.

  The resulting answers are reflected on the screen: the smile icons indicate the number of true and false

«Numerical crossword»

  The «Numerical crossword» application develops the verbal counting skill, logical thinking and imagination.   The application consists of exercises on addition and subtraction up to 10. In each exercise one element is missing. The child has to learn how to find out a proper number to match both vertical and horizontal expressions. The complete solution assumes true expressions on all rows and columns.

  The numbers can be easily dragged and dropped from a twisting drum that keeps the children entertained while they learn.
  10 different crosswords are available.

  The original design of the math application makes learning fun and pleasant when solving math exercises on addition/subtraction up to 10.


Game against Android
3 levels of complexity

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for children and adults

6 topics
4 levels of difficulty

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